How Orange Juice Helps to Clear Acne

Using orange juice to clear acne brings the same complication as diet does to acne formation. While others think that orange juice does the job to clear acne, there are those that may experience breakouts after using the solution. With these things happening, it is best to look into some thoughts on how orange juice helps to clear acne and how it may not function the same way for others.

Benefits of Orange Juice on the Skin Condition

When you want to benefit from orange juice for acne, all you have to do is use 100% of the natural extract. This is a better source of Vitamin C, which in turn is helpful in collagen and elastin formation. Being an antioxidant, you will surely get rid of inflammation that may worsen acne at the same get rid of free radicals that are said to damage the skin.Orange Juice to Clear Acne

The Potential Downside to the Story

Looking at two sides of the coin may be fair enough to assess the works of orange juice to clear acne. The potential benefits then have its downside. In a research issued out by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, it was found out that adults consuming the 100% counterpart of the orange juice at least for 12 ounces a day may experience weight gain. Since the pure orange juice concoction contains only 124 milligrams of Vitamin C, this is said not to be enough to address the main tissue levels.

Another downside that you may take note of is the fact that you may have an allergic reaction to citrus fruits. When this is the case and you have acne, you should not drink orange juice then to solve the skin condition. The food allergy may translate into a worse condition leading to hives, mouth swelling and at the worst, it may result to shortness of breath. These results have been accounted for by the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Solving the Negatives of Using Orange Juice for Acne

Remember that any downside comes with a solution. Should you experience any of the noted negative side effects to drinking orange juice or eating the fruit, there’s always an expert to run to for you to be able to check the symptoms that may have worsen the condition. You should also wait for the evaluation for you to find out if your acne condition and drinking orange juice has a sweet relationship or not. Avoid drinking this as much as possible if you have food allergens.

Orange juice is said to help with acne, at least, that is what others who have benefited from the extract say about it. However, you also have to take some considerations in mind as the principle stated herein may not apply to your case. You can make some nutritional changes and you can take drinking orange juice as a portion of your acne treatment regimen. It’s not the only cure to your problem. Remember that there are several solutions out there that may offer better results on your acne dilemma.

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